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As we are entering the revolutionized and modern world where the long distances are no more of an obstacle for adventurers or travelers who crave to visit different corners of the world. For those who love to trail on hills or mountains hiking boots is not only essential but fundamental to the comfortable hiking.

One complaint or problem that consumers have such boots is that they are stiff and heavy for the users. This is mainly because of the heavy duty that these boots have to perform on the rough terrains while their users hike on rocky and rough surfaces. In the same vein, it is equally important to state that comfortable hiking boots are essential for the hikers not only because they have to walk on rough trails but also because if they are uncomfortable then it can exhaust the hikers very early. This is a major issue that hikers face and hence the hiking boot manufacturers have taken this into account. This has resulted in a stark shift from heavy and stiff hiking boots towards lighter boots which offers a much decent support to the users. If you are a common user of hiking shoes and want to replace your old heavy ones, you will find much improved and advanced version of such boots in the market today which what suitable for men and women alike.

Apart from all this, one thing that may impact your choice of hiking boots identifies if you are an occasional vacationer who may need these boots only once or twice a year or do you hike all around the year. In the case of occasional hiking above mentioned boots should be able to cater you hiking needs well beyond your expectations. If you are looking for a heavy duty all year round hiking boot than high cut boots are your best option. This is mainly because they offer a much better ankle support not only this but they are also well known to keep you warmer.

In addition, for the novice hiker, when choosing a hiking boot always make sure that there is a decent amount of space inside the boot for you to wiggle around you toes this is important while hiking. Not only this as with the general shoes purchasing make sure that there is some space around the heels otherwise it can harm your heels while hiking. In addition, always try your boots while wearing socks to give you a better idea about the fit.

As mentioned above there are a number of brands which are currently manufacturing some of the most comfortable and light weight hiking boots with all the qualities mentioned above. Some of these are the top rated shoes for 2017 with highest ratings and are known for their shoes making while others are new in this area. However, there are ample best brands for new customers to compare and choose from but they tend to be mostly oblivious about many brands and their features. In the same vein, we here have reviewed some of the best hiking boots for our consumers, discussing their features in details so that it is easier for them to make an informed decision while choosing from a myriad of choices which are also in their affordable purchasing range.

Best Hiking Boots Comparison

ProductsSole TypeProduct DimensionsCheck Price
Merrell Moab Mid WPSynthetic sole12 x 8 x 4 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTXRubber sole14 x 10 x 5 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Keen Targhee II MidRubber sole15 x 12 x 6 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Columbia Newton Ridge Plus IISynthetic sole15 x 10 x 5 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Timberland Men’s 6”Rubber sole5 x 5 x 0.7 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Vasque Men’s Breeze 2.0 GTXSynthetic sole12 x 8 x 4 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Propet Men’s Cliff WalkerRubber sole5 x 5 x 0.7 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Dunham Mid-Cut Waterproof BootRubber sole14 x 5 x 5 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I
Waterproof Hiking Boot
Rubber sole12 x 8 x 4 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]
Adidas Men’s AX 2 MID GTX BootRubber sole11 x 9 x 9 inches[button-blue url="" target="" position="center"]Check Price[/button-blue]

Best Hiking Boots Reviews 2021

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

Salomon Quest 4D GTX is one of the product in the market which has quickly gained momentum amongst its customers die to its light weight feel and its appropriate design and for ready to go and easy to pack features. These second generation of Salomon Quest 4D were introduced in the market in spring 2015. According to the customers, Salomon has not only maintained its original design recipe but also introduced certain features which have helped it become more durable to sustain heavy tracking. For example improved deal and better laces and rubber band and some of the features which this new product entails. One of the salient features that most of the customers are looking for is the performance of the hiking shoes.

This one will come as a big surprise to its customers with its sturdy stance and a perfect fit foot and ankle, something that customers yearn for, Salomon Quest 4D 2 has shown to provide astounding stability and support to the customers wearing it on the rough trails. The height of the ankle is 6 inches when measuring from the top collar of the shoe to the insole. This height seems to quite high for such shoes which are mostly categorized in the lighter range of trekking shoes. Most of the other brands tend to use Vibram for their underfoot traction while on the other hand, Salomon is on a different track as they are making their own in house outsoles for the Quest 4D. It is important for us to state here that this is not a measure to cut down on the manufacturing cost of the shoes as Salomon is using Contragrip rubber which is quite well known for its durable traction on the trail running. It comes with very sturdy lugs that will surprise you in their performance ranging from the rocky trails in Utah to the muddy ones in the Pacific Northwest.

Although these lugs might not be the most sturdy or top of the line in the market but their impressive on different surfaces ranging from clay to mud to wet and dry. One very important feature which is become more and more important for track shoe buyers is water proof. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX (men’s) 2021 have possessed multiple features which can help it become water proof listing few of these features are constructed using leather and nylon (water proof material), Gore-Tex lines and gusseted tongue. The fabric used for outer construction ensures that most of the water is shed away and out feet remain dry even in the heavy rains. One problem with water proof shoes is that they do not let air ventilate inside the shoes and hence this means that boots and likely to become warmer are the hotter weather which can not only be uncomfortable for the users but at time unbearable.

To counter this, these shoes have introduced a mesh made of nylon which allows the breath ability and also shed away any water from entering inside the boot. Consumers have been totally taken by the construction and durability of the products. Explaining their experience of scrambling the shoes on rocks and brush have left them astounded about the durability and the mechanical stress that these shoes can bear. Although it is reported that during such testing leather did suffer some exterior scratches but they were totally cosmetic. For the new consumers who are extremely meticulous about the construction of these shoes may worry about the stitching between nylon and leather patches which are used for the construction of these shoes. However, there are almost no complaints so far from the users end about the threads coming loose on the joints of the stitching and again verifies the durability of the product and its construction is being considered as top notch in the market.


  • A durable and reliable product which is meant to provide heavy performance due to its solid lacing system.
  • It feels really light which is great for the users who move fast on the trails without affecting their stability.
  • The outer fabric used for its construction is extremely strong and can hold up really well against the external abuse. It is also applauded for an all around traction


  • One of the problems with this product can be that its consumers often complain about foot fatigue after wearing them which is because of the light weight design of the product.
  • Salomon’s underfoot seems to thin which can cause soreness in the feet after a prolonged use.
  • Another complaint from the user’s end is that the snug fit does not work equally well for all the customers and hence this is something that the manufacturers should take into account.


This is a highly recommended product because of a plethora of extraordinary feature which makes it not only durable and light weight but its design also makes it appropriate to be used on almost all kinds of trails and under all weather conditions. In light of above-mentioned features, we can safely say that this is one of the top notch product currently available in the market. Its cons are not very serious and can be easily ignored. …

1) Merrell Moab Mid WP

Merrell Moab Mid WP

While for most of the customers for hiking boots it’s the sense of adventure via hiking long trails on vacations or weekends that makes good hiking boots a necessity for them which will not only walk through almost any train but also help the user move forward comfortably and smoothly. In the same vein, Merrell is a well known and well-respected brand among the users for producing durable footwear which not only extends for a long period of time but at the same time are fully capable of providing unmatched comfort to its user. As with most of the modern and high-end hiking boots this one also has a number of features to offer which makes it durable and comfortable. Firstly, its waterproofing is done using leather to construct the boots and also embedded with a mesh upper to avoid water from entering inside the boots. It’s molded nylon is another reason which adds to its water proofing. Its synthetic leather toe cap and heel counters are the reasons that it is actually comfortable and reliable at the same time. Not only this but to further facilitate the comfort of the user, Merrel has gone a step further by introducing an air cushion beneath the heels of the boot. Consumers of these boots really applaud the features like EVA foot frame and air cushion as it makes even the roughest and longest hikes so comfortable that it does not cause fatigue to the hiker at all. TO further adds to this the inside padding of the shoes is done is a perfect way to increase the comfort of the user which works in junction with the air cushion in order absorb any jerk or shock from an impact during the hiking. Talking about the durability of these boots, the is no one single factor which is a sole reason for the durability of this product.First credit goes to the leather, heel counters and toe caps which are essential elements for a strong build of the boots. The presence of toe caps and heel counters can be explained by the bumpers of the car which are meant to absorb any damage during an impact similar is the function of toe caps and heel counters. Hence having strong toe caps and heel counters is vital for any durable hiking shoes which are capable of taking most of the damage of an impact without affecting rest of the boot. The tongue of the shoe is specially connected to the sides of the boot. This is done to ensure that no external debris enters inside the shoe and create discomfort for the hiker/user. Talking about the soul of these boots, which by the way is one of the most vital features of any boots, a boot is quite vulnerable to breakage if its soul is weak. However, in the case of this product aggressive threading of the sold makes this boots capable of having a strong grip when it comes to any kind of surface. The fact that soul is 5mm lug deep, which is generally exceptionally deep for standard boots, makes this boots even suitable on the roughest terrains like those having gravels. While It is believed that there is always a tradeoff between the durability and weight of the boot i.e heavy build boots are believed to be more durable, this one seems to have a good balance between the weight and durability of the product. Hence, these boots can be said to be light enough not to slow you down and durable enough to bear any wear and tear without breaking down.

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  • Merrell’ M Select FIT.ECO footbed is one of its most distinguishing factor which, I believe, most of the other boots lacks.
  • Your hiking boots and feet are most likely to stink after a long trail hiking.
  • However, that will not be the case if you are wearing this product.
  • After long day hiking if you take off your shoes you will notice there is no aversive odor coming from your feet or from the boots Hence to what Merrell calls the M Select FIT.ECO footbed which is meant to control the produced inside the boot odor seems to actually work and is really nice.
  • However, it yet remains to be determined if it is capable of holding bad odor for even long term usage or not.
  • This product is known for its comfort, function, and performance.
  • It is comfortable enough to be worn casually and for trekking purposes alike.
  • Not only this but while most of the bots are climate specific this one due to its padding is good for the colder climate and at the same time can be easily and comfortably used for hot climates as well.
  • Apart from all this, it is a light weight, durable and comfortable shoes and is fully capable of competing with some of the top notch products available in the market at this moment.


  • one concern/ complaint from the consumer end is that this boot, although claim to be water proof due to it build using nylon and leather, did not perform well in wet areas.
  • When constructed using waterproof leather and mesh it gives the consumer an impression that it is safe to wear them when tracking around in the water without making your feet wet.
  • However, consumers believe that although leather seems to be water proof mesh somehow allows water inside the boots and hence defying the entire purpose of it being water proof.
  • Another issue with this product is that according to consumers’ feedback they believe this these boots should have a larger toe cap in order to cover and protect the vulnerable toe area.


This product does have some complaints about its waterproofing capabilities. However, rest of its features are all astounding and will immediately gain your attention. So taken together, if you want hiking boots and do not intend to hike in wet trails this can be a good choice for you which will last loss and provide the maximum comfort you need during the long hour hiking.

2) Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX

Salomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX review comes after it has been tested on a variety of terrains and environments which include wind, sun, rain, mud, hail and unsettled weather. To our surprise, this product has won the hearts of its customers by performing as strongly as any High-line product would under the above-mentioned conditions. Before we get into much details about the features of this product, to generalize this is a light weight (weighs only 460 grams), and mid height product which comes with a Gore-Tex performance comfort technology just at the price of £130.00. Salomon just revised the outer appearance of X Ultra Mid 2 GTX design as compared to it previous product and I must say that it looks stunning and will immediately catch the eye of those who are in search of good looking hiking boots. It has been aggressively updated with a sleek design keeping in mind the details for athletics. It comes in various colors which include blue, black and green for men and pink and gray are intended for women usage. Hence, apart from the appearance of the product, it is also designed to provide stability, support in almost any climatic conditions. Now talking about its technical specifications. Its OrthoLite® sock liner technology is meant to ensure that it creates a cushion for the feet and at the same time makes sure that dry and healthy environment is provided for the feet. Features like GORE-TEX® also makes sure that the inside of the shoes does not become wet be it mud, water puddles, rivers or muddy forest. While most of the consumers prefer Vibram sole in their hiking shoes, Solomon X Ultra Mid 2 GTX uses Contagrip technology which is equally good in keeping the hiker upright on both wet and dry surfaces be it muddy trails or slippery grass. We glossed over it at the start, but these boots weigh 460 grams! Now that’s light on paper, and light on the feet too. Add to that the gusseted tongue that prevents any unwanted debris getting inside and irritating your feet, and walking with these boots become comparable to wearing a comfortable gym trainer. No other product available in the market can match the amount of comfort that this product has to offer to its users. A person can easily and comfortable walk in these shoes all around the day. Again, its rubber toe cap in the front and heel protection ensure the durability of the product by absorbing the shock of any impact without damaging rest of the shoes. Not only this but the heel protection, as the name suggests, also makes sure that your heels do not hurt due to rock scrambles on the rough surface.


  • weighing around 920 grams/pair this is one of the lightest pairs of hiking shoes available in the market and we believe that is one of the major reason why this product is in huge demand.
  • Apart from it, the price is a great attractant for the potential customers.
  • A product offers advanced technologies like OrthoLite® sock liner technology and GORE-TEX® and still comes with a price of $165 is a great deal and value for your money and is definitely a recommended product purchasing on a budget.
  • Apart from this other standard features which make this a high end and top notch product is its great grip, water proofing, breathability, comfort and light weight.
  • All these features make this product tantamount to some of the leading products in the market and price is an additional factor which has helped this product being ranked among some of the top product available products in the market.


  • According to some consumers who have had the experience to use this product in real time says that they wish it had some more rock protection.
  • However, more scrutiny is needed on this problem as most of the reviews are positive ( as many as 478 customer reviews) which indicate that this might just be an opinion coming from a limited range of customers while most of them are satisfied with the product.


A perfect and highly recommended product with almost no complaints is a product that any customer would want to buy. This is one of the best examples of such kind of products which comes with latest technological features at economical prices and reviews reflect that it almost no major complaints which may make potential customers skeptical about the purchasing of this product.

3) Keen Targhee II Mid

Keen Targhee II Mid

The Keen Targhee II Mid is a waterproof, comfortable and rugged hiking boots which are available in very cheap price. These boots are known to have a great track on almost all different kinds of surfaces be it wet or dry. Construction of this product is not only durable but extremely robust too it made up of split grain nu-buck leather which is about 2 mm thick. In order to make this product water proof, almost all the leather is covered with a padded nylon. Not only this but these are also a breathable mesh on the tongue of the boot which ensures that the shoe is not only durable but also capable of bearing the stress of rocky terrains. In addition, this shoes also uses dual density EVA mid-sole and a large rubber toe for extra protection of the boots from wear and tear on the rough terrain. It’s due to the immense amount of leather used in its construction this boot weight as much as 17.4oz per should which make them not be a part of the modern light weight hiking shoes. Apart from this, its soul is comfortable, deep and comes with a wide spaced legs which are capable of gripping almost anything really well. For the aesthetic lover customer, this product might appeal them because of its design. Its top cap has been molded as part of its sole which gives it a burly look, something which is unconventional in the designs of such boots. When it comes to the performance and durability of this product is well capable of handling different surfaces be it wet grass, screen, packed dirt, muddy patched or granite. Due to the comfort that these shoes provide the can also be used is casual wearing. Targhee II Mid WP Review 2021 is also considered to be the sturdiest hiker shoes its ¾ length shank is capable of stabilizing the feet up to the ball which could ultimately mean that users will experience fewer feet fatigue during long hour hiking. In order to make it even more comfortable, the cushion cuffs are embedded up to the ankles. Given the stability and support that this product provides, it is quite comfortable especially due to the dual density EVA foot bed cushion which proves invaluable in long hiking.


  • compared with many another model this one is common among the users for being rugged.
  • As most of the other brand which claims to be waterproof and despite that has waterproofing issues, this one has won the hearts of its users on that part.
  • Its distinctive look also puts it at par which many Highline products and not only this but unlike many other hiking shoes, this one is very easy to clean too.
  • Hence, you should not be afraid of jumping into adventurous journeys which involve dirt or mud.
  • It is also appreciated for its large toe and which is perfect for the rocky surfaces.
  • In addition, its lace locking system is much better than many another model available in the market and they keep laces snug.
  • As stated earlier its ¾ leg length ensure that no feet fatigue is induced during long hours trekking.
  • This is a feature which is not most common among other hiking shoes.


  • It is a bit on the roomy side this is because of the narrow feet and users are advised to take caution on that part.
  • Apart from that, some customers have also reported having a difficult time with its lacing system.


This is being ranked as one of the most impressive hiking boots currently available in the market because of its wide and high volume feet which are able to provide stability and durability which in return makes it fully capable of handling long trek comfortable. With minimal complaints and good prices, this is a recommended product for the potential buyers.

4) Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

Columbia has recently developed its position and reputation in the market and is well known for its first rate quality and reasonable prices: a perfect combination for any customer. Hence money spent only this one is worth every penny you spend. It has all the latest traits that latest and top of the line hiking boots have to offer. One unusual thing about this pair of boots that while other use leather and nylon mesh to make their product water proof this one uses seam-sealed, treated leather to keep from entering the boots. It’s 4.6 by 1.6 mm thick leather construction is deemed as one of the most durable and long lasting product available in the market. When it comes to the support and comfort of the shoes, its 4.3 Spongy, 1-inch-thick EVA foam padding in the mid sole are a perfect thing to give you a cushion feel while you hike even in rockiest terrains. It is very good with traction. It’s 4.3 knobby lugs accompanied by flat and thick rubber strips on the heel, toe and under the forefoot ensure a strong grip on almost any surface be it rocky, snowy or smooth. However, some consumers complained about it being a bit sloppy in muddy or gravel surfaces. Although being quite easy to break in, the Newton Ridge is reported to be a bit hotter than others products which mean that It might not be a suitable pair of boots for a hot climate.


  • As with most of the other top notch hiking shoes these ones are also manufactured using durable leather and synthetic material.
  • Not only this but its rubber sole and alumni grip out sole ensure a supportive and stable hiking in any conditions.
  • Although made of leather, this one is not very heavy and weight almost as much as an average running shoe which is extremely convenient for long hour trekking.
  • This is in contrast to most of the other leather should which are heavy build and hence weight a lot more than this one.


  • Although claimed to be extremely durable manufacturers does not recommend it for hiking under extreme conditions.
  • Another issue with this product is that it has a harder inner soul.
  • This compromises the comfort of its users as they can feel rock on rough surfaces.
  • In addition, users also complain that the midsole of the shoes are not soft enough and lack protection.
  • Hence, this is a major drawback for this product while many competitors provide a lot more comfortable soul for a long hour and extreme hiking compared to this one.


Although it has a number of advanced features which many Highline boots in the markets are offering but it had a hard hit by the consumers when it comes to the comfort of the soul which has set this one back in the competition and is not recommended to those who intended to buy shoes for rigorous hiking or trekking.

5) Timberland Men’s 6” Premium Boot

Timberland Men’s 6” Premium Boot

Timberland is a brand which needs no introduction have items recently become an icon. Tracing its history as old as in the 1920s were in Boston this company started as stitchers and were the first ones to introduce a technique to make their boots waterproof and hence it is safe to say that this brand laid the foundations of modern hiking boots available on the market. Be it a construction worker or a Kanye, Timberland 6” boots will totally be apt for your athletics. Ranging from women accessories to luggage, clothing timberland cover a range of product but its Men’s 6” Premium Boot is one of the most famous and well-known product this company has ever produced and known globally. Talking about Men’s 6” Premium Boot, regardless of the fact if you are wearing them casually or for sports, you always yearn for boots which are not only durable but also water resistant. In the same vein construction of this boot is done is a way that leather is uppers are directly dealt with the seam of the boot in order to make them water proof. There is almost no match in the market to the hefty rubber sole of these boots which gives it great traction on different surfaces giving the user confidence that these boots would not wear out under such conditions. In order to cater the comfort of the customer, these boots come with thick padding on the heels, mudholes, and collar for a comfortable angle fit and easy mobility. Padding is not only to keep cushioning your feet but also acts as an insulation and ensure that your feet remain warm under extremely cold conditions credit also goes to their built-in Primaloft ECO insulation. As with many other high hiking shoes, this one also attains it s aesthetics in a wheat nu-buck which is yellow in color, something totally standard for products associated with Timberlands. however, this one does come in much vibrant and rich color and texture. They not only look cool aesthetically but can go with almost any casual wear, especially denim. They also come in another color too which include smooth black, black Nubuck, dark chocolate and black/olive, chestnut/Navy and some other different soles. Talking about its laces, they are made using totally recycled and 100% nylon. Timberland Men’s 6-inch Premium Waterproof Boots are not new to the market and has gained a lot of confidence from its customers and hence proven to be an excellent choice for almost anyone, especially those who are looking for good boots in the lower price range. Timberlands are priced very economically and you if you are lucky you can usually also find them on sale too. Despite being a low price range product these boots are meant to last at least 3-4 years.

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  • one biggest advantage of these shoes is they have been in the market for so long and has never gone out of the side.
  • So if you purchase these boot you will not have to worry about them getting obsolete or out of style after few year.
  • Some other common pros which are also true for many other high-end products include comfortability, durability, great traction.
  • Despite being built of leather they are not bulky and never goes out of fashion.
  • It has great breathability and prevents sweating.


  • One issue with the Timberland Premium boots is that customers often find them to be too wise for their feet ad makes them feel awkward during walking.
  • But this is something which consumers also need to share responsibility for by finding the right fit for their feet.
  • Being a classical version of the hiking boots and the availability of many other high-end light weight and stylish boots available in the market put this one at the back end as it may not possess some of the latest features which most of the top notch product available in the market are offering.


Classical boots which have been there since ages and those users who are extremely picky about their shopping can totally rely on this product for the long standing reliability and confidence that brand has among its users. It may not be able to compete with some of the latest product but it is still fully capable of performing long hour trekking without making you tired.

6) Vasque Men’s Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot

Vasque Men’s Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot

Vasqueis not only well known but also one of the leading brands in the foot wear industry which are trusted by many. It introduced its first Breeze hiking boot in 2004 which revolutionized the outdoor footwear in a number of ways. Based on the astounding success of Breeze, Vasque to it to next level and introduced another unmatchable Breeze 2.0 GTX hiking boot which is also considered to be a much-improved version of the breeze as it is much lighter and breathable due to the introduction of Gore-Tex breathable membrane which ensures dry feet in wet weather conditions. This is the perfect combination of mountain trekking and trail running shoes which are a must buy for people who love such expeditions. In summary, this product is known for its stability, waterproofing, lightweight and agility which is suitable for men and women alike. Competing with most of the top notch products in the market this one also comes with a Nubuck leather upper design to ensure the protection of rock and rough surfaces. Manufacturers also claim that quality of the leather used in the construction of this product is really hard to find in other similar products. In addition, it also has a synthetic mesh which ensures proper air circulation inside the boots. Its EVA foam foot bedding is meant to provide pampering cushioning to your feet on long hikes not only this, but the mid sole is also made of EVA foam, a feature that many other boots either lack or have problems with. This pair of boots only weighs 2 pounds and 9 ounces which make it not only one of the most durable and also one of the lightest boots available in the market. Consumers who had the experience of wearing these boots on long trails explains that they have been amazed by the light weightiness and comfort that these shoes provided for long hours. Apart from all this, these shoes come in a variety of assorted color for both men and women.


  • pros for this product are quite canonical compared with most of the other shoes available in the market.
  • Apart from all the features mentioned above, these are durable, comfortable and easily available boots which also comes in wide sizes.


  • a serious issue with this product is that although it claims to be waterproof yet it is not really water proof.
  • Customers/ hikers have complained that their feet got wet when hiking on wet lands and wearing this shoes.
  • This is a serious problem as most of the product available in the market ensures that their products are properly water proof and this can really hit back on the reputation of this product and hence manufacturers need to take a note of such review.


Given that this product has complaints about its waterproofing, I would not recommend it to the hiker who tends to hike in wet regions or in cold climate. Apart from that, it is not a bad choice to choose and given its features, it should be of good value for the money you spend on it.

7) Propet Men’s Cliff Walker Boot

Propet Men’s Cliff Walker Boot

For all those, for whom exercise is an integral part of their daily life and wanted to stay tuned and healthy they commonly face problems when it comes to doing exercise in winters or in wet season or in snow. Despite such harsh or difficult weather conditions, exercise is an integral part of your physical health not only to maintain the blood circulation in your body but also because you have some ailment which may require regular exercise like diabetes. In the same vein, Propet Men’s Cliff Walker Boot are especially designed in order to meet the footwear need of the people who have medical conditions or often encounter inclement weather in their area which hinders them from regular exercise. It is because of this that A5500 SADMERC has approved these boots particularly for the users who have diabetes. One of the outstanding and unique feature of these boots is its EVA insole which not only cushions your feet but are also removable and allows its users to have a custom orthotic accommodation. In addition as these boots are meant to be used in extreme or unusual weather conditions, its warranty becomes and important issue so, Propet shoes generally comes with a six month guarantee or otherwise 1000 miles guarantee. Talking about some of the technical features of these shoes, as with most of the shoes in the market this one is also constructed using water proof leather. Its special Sealtex® waterproof membrane lining is a distinguishing feature which not only helps repels the water from entering the shoes but does that without doing any compromise on the breath ability of the shoes. Metal hooks on the shoes ensures a speedup lacing system which can very convenient for some users who are mostly in hurry to catch a bus or something. Similar to some other topnotch boots, this one is also padded at the collar and tongue for a better comfort of the extended heel counter are meant to prevent users from having heel or arch pain after prolonged use of the product.


  • Apart from the above-mentioned standard features, unlike many other brands which have trademark colors and designs this one has a lot to offer its customers when it comes the aesthetics of the product.
  • Firstly it comes in a range of color which includes Black Grain and Bronco Brown.
  • Similarly, it also comes in various sizes as sizes has been a very common issue among many feet wears mentioned above this includes Medium (D), Extra Wide (EEE), Extra Extra Wide (EEEEE)


  • Although it comes in various sizes, according to some merchants propets boots tend to come in a smaller size than the one that user had intended to order and hence they are mostly smaller with a narrow width.
  • It is often recommended by the users who have had the chance of using these boots to always order one size larger than what you generally wear.
  • For example, if your usual shoe size is 9 and you intend to order proper shoes, a better choice would be to order the shoes with the size of 10 in order to have a more comfortable fit.


It’s specially designed shoes which are apt for those who want to keep exercising because of some ailment of in and inclement weather condition. Its design and features are specially made to counter such conditions and any customers who fall in this category should go for these shoes without any doubt.

8) Dunham by New Balance Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham by New Balance Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

There should be three main reasons for you to purchase Dunham by New Balance Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut shoes. Firstly, these are ranked as one of the lightest shoes available in the market at this moment ( a big attraction for hikers!). Secondly, it comes in a variety of sizes and width and hence it should not be difficult for you to find a perfect fit for your feet which is a major issue with some other leading brands in the market. Lastly, its stability as a mid height boot for off trail purposes is commendable. These shoes are known among the users for the comfort durability and support. On top of that, the Cloud Midcut Boot is a cherry on the top for an ever comfortable experience with the trekking shoes. In the same vein, its Rollbar and TPU posts are designed for a comfortable trail on almost all kinds of terrains. In order to provide aggressive traction on all surfaces, it is embedded with multi direction lug out-sole. In addition, one of the latest and modern additions of this product is that in order to further augment the comfort of the user it uses three main zones for even distribution of pressure. In addition a comfortable and premium foam in inserted inside the shoes not only to absorb and shock but also to provide a cushion to the sensitive areas of the feet which are prone to injuries during long hour hiking. Apart from all this, its mid-cut collar is a killer when it comes to providing support to the ankle and in unmatched in such kind of a performance.


  • what good about this product is mostly standard.
  • But it is known to have a lot better stability and traction compared to many other top notch shoes available in the market.
  • It’s sturdy hard rubber toe bumpers ensure that minimal damage is done to the shoes itself in the case of an impact which improves the longevity of the shoes.
  • Unlike many other shoes, this one comes in variable sizes and width which is going to cater the complaints of many users using other brands shoes.


  • As with some of the other shoes too, this one also has complaints about not being totally waterproof despite claiming to be one.
  • Not only this but the tongue gussets of the shoes often caused sore spots on the feets of the users which is also another hit back on the comfort that such Highline product is supposed to provide.
  • As the shoes have multiple seams sides it makes it a bit vulnerable to seam failure.


For users living and trailing in wetlands or cold weathers this might not be a good choice as it has some complaints about it waterproofing. However, apart from that, it has many unique qualities which distinguish this product from the rest of the clan and hence is a highly recommended product to be used in the dry area.

9) Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Sports footwear is especially known for its athletic footwear which specially designed to last and bear a lot of mechanical stress. This can be acknowledged by the fact that company sells as much as 10 millions of these pairs of boots annually in almost 85 countries which exhibit that they have a huge market. The goal of the company is to make a good product with quality excellence and a fair and reasonable price and that s the reason it attracts so much business. Hi-Tec manufactured hiking boots are suitable for men and women alike. In addition, their meticulous selection of manufacturing material ensures that their products last for a substantial amount of time. If you get a chance to look into some of the best hiking shoes for 2014 and 2015 you will find Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I to be on the top of the list for most of the rankings. As with most of the top notch product, it is made using high-quality leather and synthetic sole to ensure durability and comfort under almost all kind of weather conditions. You can analyze the quality of this product by the fact that even the metal eyelets used for laces are also manufactured using rust proof material which shows how much diligence this brand shows in making their product worth the money you spend on it. Light weight, moisture resistant and designed to give you stability are among some of the common features that it matches equally well with other leading brands in the market. Putting all this together with a reasonable price is an ideal buy for the customers and is never ignored easily by most of their customers and is one of the reasons for their soaring market. Talking about some of the specific features of this product, it is made of grain leather to ensure that it remains waterproof, its patented hydrophobic technology ensures that boots are able to repel the water really well. As with many other products, its cushioned sock liner ensures a comfortable trekking for its users and avoid feet odor. EVA compressed and molded mid sole further adds to the user’s comfort ab absorbing any shock from or during an impact. Its rubber out sole makes sure that it has un-matchable traction.


  • there is a huge positive feedback about this product from its users who mostly applaud its durability and Hi-Tec water proofing which is a big issue and also a failure for many other brands currently available in the market.
  • Hence, their ability to resist and withstand water/moisture is one of the most outstanding quality that its customers admire.
  • Apart from this, reviews also show that customers are quite satisfied with its comfort level too.
  • As these boots do not take long to break in which along with it is aesthetic looks and sturdy build are a rare combination be found in the market at this moment.
  • As mentioned for products earlier, very few brands manufacture their boots are different variety colors and this is one of them as it comes in color like black/charcoal, dark chocolate/dark taupe/black and wheat/cool gray/black.


  • there were some complaints about the breathability of the product which can be a matter of concern for few and hence they must watch out for this one if they are worried about such factors.
  • Like few other brands, this one also has issues about the sizes.
  • Not every boot works equally well for every foot and hence the reviewers experience with comfort level changes from person to person.


minor issues and a plethora of great features which are very hard to find in any standard boot available in the market at this moment. SO if breathability of the boots is not something you are worried about this is a highly recommended product for almost anyone who is looking to buy a new pair of hiking shoes.

10) Adidas Men’s AX 2 MID GTX Boot

Adidas Men’s AX 2 MID GTX Boot

It is wrong to say that footwear for hikers has reached its pinnacle in terms of comfort and other features at a very fast pace in recent time. Although people had an image of hiking shoes to be durable but horribly huge shoes, with the technological changes in features and material Adidas Men’s AX 2 MID GTX Boot come as a new giant in the market. As being a canonical light weight shoes, it weighs only 10.9 ounces which should be light enough for long hour trails with feeling lightweight feet. Its synthetic upper and air mesh perform astoundingly and consumers seem to have frowned upon them. Similarly, as with most of the other high-end shoes in the market, this one also features molded sock liner for a better comfort and fit of the user. Additionally and not surprisingly its EVA mid sole, which is not only light weight but also ensures long term cushioning making this product perform for heavy duty and long hour usage. Its TRAXION™ out sole is something that needs special mentioning because of the amount of grip and agility that this technology provides the user during fast hiking. In the same vein, its high-quality rubber ensures a super high traction even under conditions like wet weather.


  • Having mentioned the qualities and features above it should not be difficult to identify this is a canonical modern hiking shoe model.
  • However, what makes it different and better form the rest is its price, despite the features that it has to offer its customers.
  • Apart from comfort, they come in a very sharp design which is unmatchable to most of the other standard products in the market when it comes to the aesthetics.
  • One big issue that has been discussed with a number of brands above is about sizing, this one on the other end is applauded for providing the true size to its customers.
  • Unlike many other shoes, this one requires almost no break in period and can be comfortably used when taken right out of the box.
  • Customers also praise the design and in particular comment on the pointed front which provides ample room to the toes of the users and hence enhances their comfort.


  • Some consumers have strongly reported that they seem a bit larger compared to the other brands offering the same size.
  • For those who are particular about looks and aesthetics of their shoes, let us warn you that the orange part of the shoes shown in the pictures is not truly reflective of what it looks like in real. Not appropriate for wide feet.


price is a big attractant here given the pros and features discussed above and has minimal no serious issues or complaints and hence is a recommended product for those purchasing on a budget.

11) Timberland Men’s Thorton Mid GTX Hiking Boot – Waterproof Hiking Boots

Timberland Men’s Thorton Mid GTX Hiking Boot keeps your feet comfortable and relaxed. The boot is made of leather, having waterproof impregnated properties. With is specialized premium, full grain leather, Timberland Men’s Hiking Boot remains well-protected against all possible damages during hiking. Inside the shoe, the sole is made of waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex membrane to keep the feet dry. The membrane is also capable of providing your feet the necessary moisture. Timberland Men’s Hiking Boots are thus made up of the tough and comfortable uppers deliver, meant to provide you the great support and protection.

The Best Choice for Hikers

Timberland Men’s Thorton Mid GTX Hiking Boot is an essential accessory for those who love long journey on foot. For an ultra comfort for the wearer, the boot comprises a mid sole and geometric cone support which imparts to Timberland Men’s Hiking Boots an anti-fatigue capability. You never feel uneasy while standing or walking on uneven surfaces. The shoes are even able to absorb shock being made with the best texture and accessories.  Timberland Men’s Thorton Mid GTX Hiking Boots also feature fully gusseted tongues to protect the boots from trail debris. The superb make of the boots suits the needs of hikers as well that is why they are most demanding footwear of hikers.

Timberland Men’s Hiking Boot Quality Features

  • Upper is made of full grain waterproof leather
  • Silver-Rated Tannery ensures extra comfort
  • Gore-Tex® waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Outsole is made of recycled rubber
  • Fully gusseted tongue keeps out debris
  • Rustproof speed-lace hardware
  • Hooks at the top for secure lacing
  • Removable anti-fatigue footbed
  • Tough 34% recycled rubber lug outsole is built for traction
  • Weight (Pair): 3.8 pounds
  • Best for hiking


  • The insole and outsole are made of the best texture and accessories
  • The shoes provide your feet the best shield against all weathers
  • Leather used in the make is waterproof


  • Long time durability remain in question
  • Inside sole fixing may leave its place after constant use


Timberland Men’s Thorton Mid GTX Hiking Boots are famed for their excellent and reliable texture; premium waterproof leather uppers, waterproof GORE-TEX membranes and anti-fatigue footbeds. These materials make them unbeatable in the market. The stunning masculine look impart them uniqueness and style. Moreover, the outer and inside sole are sturdy enough to keep them intact for a long period of time. Timberland Men’s Thorton Mid GTX Hiking Boot would be the best choice in their fairly moderate price.

12) Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX (Men’s) – Stable Boot for Backpacking

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX (men’s) is the third generation footwear in the extensive range of Salomon backpacking boots. This version boasts of extra comfort and durability. Made up of the superbly long-lasting texture and developed on the best footwear technology, Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX would be the smartest choice for all men. The upper sole is waterproof grain while the inside is wider enough to keep your feet cozy and comfortable. From its previous versions, the boots are a tad more adjustable on all feet and the inside comfort is enhanced with more padding under the feet.

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX – Out of The Box Footwear

Always cozy and snug, Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX (men’s) affords to ease the arches of your feet. You feel no stress, mapping out the rugged and uneven terrains. Your ankles have an extra support, having a padded insole and a breathable membrane to vent moisture perfectly. They keep your feet dry. The design of Salomon backpacking boots will surely allure all of you who want an impeccable hiking boots for long excursions.

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX (Men’s) Quality Features

  • Made up of the best quality leather and synthetic grain
  • Salomon Sturdy rubber sole
  • Protective Rubber Toe Cap
  • GORE-Tex Performance Comfort Footwear
  • Anti-fatigue properties
  • Heel Foam
  • Advanced Chassis
  • The outsole has an ultra grip on rugged and slippery surfaces 
  • Gusseted Tongue
  • Masculine design
  • Salomon 2 year limited warranty


  • Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX keeps your feet safe from getting blistered on the roughest terrains
  • The remarkable anti-fatigue properties provide you ultra comfort during hiking and long walks
  • The new lug design outsole enhances the grip of the shoes on uneven and slimy surfaces
  • Cushioned with heel foam to keep the feet stabilized
  • Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX are available in multiple colors


  • Durability claims seem hyperbolic
  • Over-stitching looks no so attractive


Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX (men’s) are not going to disappoint you with their fine quality waterproof leather grain as well as with their excellent synthetic material. The stitching and fixation of outsole is perfectly done to help them endure harsh seasons. Even the price is quite affordable. With so many adorable merits, the reasonable price makes them idea for any customer.

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